Buying Diamonds

When selecting the perfect diamond, understanding the gem’s basic characteristics will help you make the right purchase. You’ll be looking at each diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight.


A diamond’s cut is often thought to be the shape of the stone, which is incorrect. The shape of the stone is actually the diamond’s overall form and is referred to as square, round, emerald or marquis. The cut is the reflective features of the diamond. When a diamond is expertly cut, the gem will express its brilliance. Furthermore, the edges and finish of each diamond allow it to shine perfectly. With the proper cut, light is able to reflect through the diamond properly.


When you are inspecting a diamond for purchase, review the gem’s clarity, which is the occurrence of blemishes within the diamond. An immense amount of pressure creates a diamond. Furthermore, natural diamonds are not made in a laboratory, so most diamonds have blemishes.

You can expect two flaws, which are blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are imperfections on the outside of the gem while inclusions happen inside the stone. Furthermore, inclusions are often cracks, air bubbles and debris from the formation of the gem.


Valuable diamonds are basicaly colorless. A diamond without color will produce more light creating a remarkable amount of sparkle. Furthermore, diamonds without color are unique, which increases their value. When you are selecting a diamond, they are given grades and G through I will give you a colorless stone. Additionally, diamonds graded closer to Z will show more color.

When you are selecting a diamond, base the grade on the band color and select a higher diamond grade with platinum or white gold settings. If you are choosing a yellow band, then you can select a lower diamond grade.

Carat Weight

One carat equals 200 milligrams and is used to measure a diamond’s size. Larger diamonds are rare and will cost you more. Therefore, the common measurement used for calculating your diamond buying budget is two months of your salary.

When jewelry shopping, review the four C’s of diamonds and you’ll find the best gem for your budget.